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Augmented, Virtual &
Mixed Reality

Leading Technology Experts

With experience dating back to the OpenCV roots of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, we have been providing our clients expertise in the latest technologies to advance their solutions and maintain their competive advantages.


From industries and applications ranging from museum installations and medical training to large-scale product marketing as well as military and gaming applications, we have the experience and expertise to provide the right solution for any use case or market need.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap, Augmented Reality Solutions

Utilizing Magic Leap's proprietary augmented reality technology, in partnership with defense contractors, we developed a fighter pilot helmet HUD simulator designed to mick every aspect of the systems used in combat to allow rapid iterative development of updates to mission critical systems without requiring tradional lengthy build, authorization, testing and deployment cycles.


BioflightVR, Virtual Medical Training

BioflightVR is an immersive technology company that develops augmented and virtual reality training and education solutions for hospitals, universities, and healthcare providers providing clients with an end-to-end suite of content creation, distribution, reporting and creative design services.

Enterprise On-Site Marketing

Enterprise, Product Marketing

Marketing large, customizable products, like data center server cabinets, can be challenging. Using augmented reality technologies we were able to allow the marketing team of our data storage client to demonstrate full scale, customizable end products on the show floor of conferences around the world allowing attendees to see and experience customizable options in realtime.

Mixed Reality Expertise


Magic Leap



Apple ARKit

Google ARCore