Salesforce Experts

10 Years of Salesforce Expertise

Salesforce Experts

Salesforce Integrations

For over 10 years, KFBLAKE has been providing proprietary and third-party API integrations with Salesforce for clients in industries ranging from financial services to sales to startups. KFBLAKE has the experience and technical skills to provide strategic planning, expert recommendations and implementation for any scenario or use case.


E-Commerce Salesforce Integrations

Shopify is the leading e-commerce store provider with over 600,000 registered businesses and $63 billing USD in sales. Connecting sales with the #1 CRM provider, Salesforce, is crucial for maximizing opportunities across stores and sales channels. KFBLAKE provides complete integration of Shopify data including Customers, Orders, Products and Fulfillment records via an easy to install app allowing store owners to get up and running with Shopify data from multiple stores in a single Salesforce org in less than an hour.

Financial Services

Salesforce Financial Services Integrations

AdvisoryWorld proprietary technology provides Asset Allocation, Portfolio and Investment Analysis and Financial Planning to investment professionals of all kinds. By working hand-in-hand with AdvisoryWorld’s project leads and major stakeholder, as well as leading clients, we were able to provide a custom Salesforce integration to their proprietary reporting API solving common client needs including asset search and request generation to be packaged and release as an AppXchange app.

Custom / Proprietary

Proprietary and Custom Salesforce Integrations

Voice Assist provides sales professionals with a on-the-go note, account and lead management service via their proprietary IVR/Speech Recognition & Telephony service. We were able to provide a custom WSDL integration with their proprietary API allowing their customers direct access to their registered Salesforce accounts through a simple phone call or text.